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791 acres of beautiful evergreens, look outs, cleared roads, trails and areas for complete seclusion in nature.  There are already many magical spaces here, the opportunities for you are endless.  

Trail System

The entire property already contains distinct trails leading to all the views and open areas. They are perfect for hiking, snowmobiling, four wheeling, snowshoeing and letting your dogs run wild. There is even space to create your own trails, making this property into your own. 


Endless stunning views of Lake George to the east and mountainous views of Gore Mountain and more to the West. The sunrise that will be seen everyday cannot be compared.  Sunsets overlooking the Adirondack mountains, these views will never disappoint. 


Purchase OPTIONS

791 acres

The entire property is 791 acres of gorgeous woodlands.  With tremendous views, this is a property where you can hike an entire week and not see the same view. There are beautiful lots that have been carefully cut, roads that have been made with skill. This is a property that needs to be seen to understand, pictures do no justice. $5,500,000.00

238 acres

This 238 acres is known as the Upper half of the property. Beautiful panoramic views of Lake George to the east and the Adirondacks to the west. There are many amazing spots for a home or whatever your imagination can bring you . This property has entrances on Wall St and Dickinson Hill Road, which are about 5 minutes to the lake. $2,800,000.00

553 acres

This 553 acres is known as the Lower half of this property. Views are hard to not find on this property. There are great trails and water falls riddled through out the landscape.. At the northwestern corner, there are ruins from the 1800's which includes historic ruins with a awesome water tower. The entrance to this property is off of Coolidge Hill Road, about 3/4 of a mile from the lake. $3,200,000.00

bolton4 (1).jpg
140 acres

This 140 acres is also being offered. We have cut this 140 out of the 553 acre parcel as another option. This property offers breath taking views of the lake and has amazing water features that will bring your mind to a place that you never want to leave. To top it off, there is also historic ruins with a water tower. This property is a must see. The entrance is about a mile from the lake. $1,300,000.00

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